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Mara McWilliams

Disneyland Shared

June 19, 2003

Disney, spin me,
land me up!
Been before
but not like this!
Total E,
when you bring your kid;
who has no idea
where we are going.

Such a super big surprise.
Delight in her eyes,
once she realized
that her Mommies were
taking her to the best
amusement park on earth.
Lips curved in a full-on smile.
As Mickey's open arms welcomed her
to his hotel in style
Picture taken
Perfect moment
A million
I love you's are said
Nothing more satisfying,
than pleasing your kid.

Up to the room
Not a minute too soon.
Fireworks are lit,
The sky a glow,
as she sits on my lap
On the terrace.

Starbursts reaching out to us
As if to say hello
She's sitting on my lap,
completely amazed.
I love you Serena,
I say with a squeeze.
She smiles wide
And looks in my eyes,
I love you too Mommy.
Oh yeah,
These are the days!
The one's I would have missed,
if I hadn't changed my ways.

These are the days.
Though time passes
and she grows older,
these memories we build
won't fade.

By Mara McWilliams

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