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Mara McWilliams

Good Doesn't Get Better Than This

June 20, 2003

Good doesn't get much better,
Got myself,
A wonderful wife,
Incredible kid.

Issues subsiding,
Self-respect rising
Ego diminishing
Humanitarian desires increasing.

What does that fully mean?
No needy desire
For reciprocal love,
Is that what's meant by unconditional love?

No open arms
Waiting to be filled
With another's being
Inadvertently sucking out the other's will
To live their dream.

No, that's not
What I want for her
She deserves more,
To be her own person,
In her own skin,
Safe and secure.

Raising my child
While raising myself,
All in all,
It's not a bad deal.

By Mara McWilliams

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