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Mara McWilliams

Got My Kid's Back

June 28, 2003

Hold her hand
Watch her grow.
Prepare myself
To one day
Let go.

Know it comes quickly.
Yesterday -- preschool.
September -- third grade.
Such a young lady
From an adorable baby.

Can't believe
Times flies by
From diapers to
Spanish lessons
Snapped my fingers
And just like that she grew.

So big
My little girl.
Her own little
Smart and cute.
Dancing around the living room,
Shaking her booty.
She giggles,
I'm laughing.
Never imagined
I'd know love like this.

My baby,
That she is.
Gotta warn you all,
I got her back.
And her front too
And will do whatever
I gotta do
To guarantee
my child's
don't mess with her,
Or you'll de dealing with me.
Her MOM.
The Lioness on the prowl
Protecting her cub.

By Mara McWilliams

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