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Mara McWilliams


March 25, 1997

Close your eyes and dream.
Relax and allow your mind to wander.
Visit people and places that
Otherwise you would not see.
Know that life is a mystery,
Your existence is but a speck within the vast universe.
Your feelings are connected to all other beings;
Making you a part of all things that are and are yet to come.
Although our time here is short,
And our life is but a blinking of God's eternal eye,
Realize you have purpose substance, value & worth.
Your dreams and aspirations link you
To the many realities that exist for us as human beings.
Daring to do the impossible and succeeding is the ultimate goal.
Daring to do the impossible and failing,
Is still a great accomplishment.
It's in the trying and the doing that makes you.
Appreciate the greatness of taking risks and congratulate yourself.
Don't allow yourself to be held back
By real or imagined boundaries.
Your true power is limitless
As is Time, for it is God-given.
Overcome all the fears that hinder your beauty.
Let the sunlight penetrate your soul.
Allow yourself to radiate with the energy that pure love produces.
Enjoy your human experience.
Realize all you have to offer life.
Stand up and make a difference by living your dreams.
And always,
Smile when you face each new day,
Knowing You are precious

By Mara McWilliams

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