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Mara McWilliams

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,
How many more faces must die
with banners in their hometown waving their name, birth, and death date,
before this madness will stop and people to take notice?
Tears of sorrow
Wonít stop this.
Candlelight vigils in remembrance wonít stop whatís going on now.
The people of the world seem to believe in our Constitution more than we citizens do.
What does that tell you?

We all must live up to the responsibilities Our Constitution places upon us.
If we donít,
who are we to criticize while our children die?
They, too, expect us
To live up to our Constitution,
Donít you Mr. President?

War romanticized.
Children disillusioned by the $5k sign-on bonus.
They sign up for opportunity.
Hoping for the chance that alone they might not achieve.
I pray they get to spend it.
I pray they survive and come home with an undamaged mind.

I weep for them and all they have seen
that I never will pretend to comprehend.
Then to be expected to come home,
Act normal and PRETEND it never happened.

One by one our kids are dying,
their sons and daughters crying.
Mothers grieving, wives mourning.
Those in power hell-bent on destroying,
all in the name of freedumb.

Destruction and chaos paves our road to uncertainty.
Our children signing up to be patriotic,
meanwhile the administration acts more psychotic.
And we act as if our presence liberates those we dominate.

As the missiles are fired,
Iím night vision TV watching
the green screen is distancing the reality
of what I am SEEING
real People really dying.

Jessica and her team captured.
And supposedly tortured, but thatís not what Jess says.
Jessica saved
More marines killed,
The Statue falls
Yet weíre still at war
with no locale on WMDís or Bin Laden.
Arenít those the things we were hunting?

Thereís no resolve in sight,
Our children fight and die
for some other countryís freedom.
I say screw you and youíre oil.
Who do you really think youíre kidding?
News just out that this war is leading to
Further Middle East destabilization.
Yet the administration
Is budgeting on fur more years of occupation.

Now donít misconstrue
what Iím saying to you.
I LOVE our troops.
I respect their courage, desire to protect
and the discipline they exhibit in following orders.
Without our soldiers,
What would we have?
Not even a land to stand upon to call our country,
Even I know that.
But thatís not an excuse to sit back and do nothing
while their bloody bodies fall to the sand.
Their wide youthful eyes looking up wondering, ďwhy did this happen to me?Ē
I pray to god, they make it home safely to their families.

But this fight,
Mr. President,
That youíre putting our gals and guys in,
Wake up cowboy,
We ainít gonna win.
This is Vietnam all over again.
How can this not be seen by you and your advising team?
This cycle of violence
is one the United States is perpetuating.
Attempting to covert the entire world to our way of thinking.
When did that become our responsibility to covert all to the right wing Christian form of belief?
Turning countries against us and emotionally scarring American families
and they wonder why mental illness in the U.S. is on the rise.

Land of the free
Yes, that we USED to be.
Now day by day,
weíre getting stripped of our civil liberties.

Mr. President,
Our Amendments I and IV are nearly gone and
You say this is what is needed to protect us and to catch the infamous ďthemĒ.
Meanwhile, American citizens are becoming boxed in.
Losing the rights we used to take for granted.

If we donít stand up now,
In 10 years, what will we have left?
Now simply voicing these concerns can be
Twisted and viewed as a terrorist act,
Please tell me,
whatever happened to my protections under the 4th amendment act?

I wonder how soon it will be before we start hearing the term
American refugee.
Red, white, and agree or weíll shoot.
Ya, land of the free.
Mr. President,
This is not the country I thought our Constitution guaranteed it would be

By Mara McWilliams

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