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Mara McWilliams

Great American Beauty Sellout

Just a lil lip gloss to make those lips pout.
Brainwashed by commercials before we can read.
Early training in American hipocracy.
Even muted, they permeate the youngest of minds.
A child in my kidís class wore eyeshadow,
Sheís only nine.

A daily war paint ritual
when one is a woman.
Our drug is our SPF foundation.
Itís become more than habitual.

Most ladies know what Iím talking about
Natural beauty of that we know nothing at all.
Expected to hide behide societyís man-made mask.
I question does vanity lasts.

Tanned and glittered
Pierced and bejeweled,
Tat covered
Perhaps our views are skewed.

What are we looking for?
Sweet perfume to disguise our natural scents
Glam mags filled with digitally enhanced images
the women on the pages starve themselves then binge.
Starving to death to sell a damn product.
The murmur of the crowd is quite hypnotic.

Pretty manicured nails and a nice matching pedi
Nothing mentioned ever mentioned of inner beauty.
Itís all part of the game of how ya look .
Helping you forget youíre not living your dreams.
Just dressing to please.

All a vain pursuit of an unreachable dream.
Making women spend millions.
Draining your pocket of any money saved.
Searching for answer in a fifty dollar bottle of foundation.
While warping your mind with glowing blue eyeshadow.
You can spend your whole life without this realization.

Black lined eyes
Piercing right through everything,
But seeing nothing.
Underneath the layers there is a tear
Hiding behind it stylist made wind blown hair
We flaunt it all without a care

Corvette red lips glistening in the sun
While slim fitted jeans shape our buns
Who the hell are we kiddin with this?
Total and complete Americnan beauty sellout.

By Mara McWilliams

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