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Mara McWilliams

Anti-war protest

At an anti-war protest
you dare to shout Communist
while driving passed rows of crosses
for those who died in Iraq.

Pumping your ghetto music
in your gas guzzling solution,
have you stopped to think
it's those soliders blood that's
fueling your tank?
Or do you take it all for granted?
Tell me, where the fuck is the RESPECT?

We in protest are peaceful.
All with one goal: Bring the Troops home now!
We stand united, not divided,
despite the diversity of the crowd.
More people than I have ever seen,
all gathered together at one place,
a time in space, travelling thousands of miles
to share their voice
with those in power,
as the sniper's on the White House roof
scan the crowd from signs of violence and most likely taking photographs.
There was no violence to be found.

Please President Bush,
end this futile war.
Our boys and girls are dying
all for what?
All for not,
except to line a select few white men's wallets.
No WMD's,
tell me please their deaths weren't for oil.
Are you oblivious to the international turmoil you are causing?

By Mara McWilliams

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