Mara McWilliams


Cappuccino Drive-Thru

Cappuccino drive through
No thoughts about you
My life is picking up momentum
And yeah, I wanted to share it with them

Thoughts of sending an email
But now, I’d rather just leave them guessin’
What I am thinking,
course it’ll happen again.

Music pumping, speakers thumpin,
Screaming out the lyrics because I can relate
You love ‘em because you’re supposed to.
When what you really feel is hate.
Either I walk away
or accept this fucked fate.

Can’t be different than who I am
This desire to please them is wearing thin

Years accepting all the blame
till I had enough
and stopped playing their warped game.
Three years went by,
my child growing and
time flying.
I figured,
why not try,
just one more time.

Interactions are fine until they’re not
Backhanded compliments I simply shrug off.
Nothing new,
nothing’s changed,
they’re still the same.

A power struggle under the surface
They pushed and pulled
Revealing the worse in themselves.
And I’m not sticking around to see how it plays out.

The pain I feel is an internal shout.
A piercing pain through my heart,
whether they’re in my life or not.
Forever grieving the parents I never got.

By Mara McWilliams

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© 2006 Mara McWilliams, All Rights Reserved