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Mara McWilliams

That Snowy Day in Venice

That Snowy Day in Venice

Though seemingly at a distance,
but much closer than perceived,
your hand reaches out to me and at lighting speed
you pull me through the darkness that had become my life.

Drowning in a swamp of tears while drifting out of this reality
and slipping into Nowhereland,
you reach upwards as I start to drift and seize my foot,
anchoring me to this Earth with true predictability.

As my broken heart beats off rhythm you hold me close and whisper
"it'll all be okay"
but not for a moment discounting my grief,
you let me be.

You know all of me yet here you are,
still loving me.
You give me the strength I need to go on,
when i'd rather be sitting on the shower floor crying.
You gently remind me of my worth and passions,
always urging me to move forward.

When I am unable to stand, you prop me up.
It's as if you retaught me to walk.
Saying thank you, isn't nearly enough,
but it's all I got, aside from you.

Along with the beauty, we've seen some tough times,
but together we always survive.
I'll keep holding your hand, while you hold mine.
Together we shall continue and in the moments
of fear and heartbreak,
I know I will be thinking of you and that snowy day in Venice.



By Mara McWilliams

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