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Mara McWilliams

No More – An Affirmation of Life


No more drama.
No more trauma.
No more victims.
No more hiding.
No more lying.
No more insanity ruling my mind.

No more self-sabotage.
No more denial.
No more guilt.
No shame.
No trying to gain unobtainable love.

No more conforming to be accepted.
No more bruises or black eyes.
No more being stranded barefoot in the rain in no-where-land.

No more ignoring my feelings.
No more ignoring my responsibilities.
No more being an emotional doormat.
No more looking back.
No more jails, hospitals, or rehabs.

No more cuts, burns or self-starvation.
A vow of life,
This I take!
No more pretending I don't matter.
No more reaching beyond myself to reach my dreams.
No more fooling myself that you're more important than me.

No more!

By Mara McWilliams

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