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Mara McWilliams

Mural of the Times


Short spiky hair,
Long wavy hair.
Tanned and bronzed.
A few white as snow.
Belly piercings.
Ripped jeans.
See through tops and some not wearing any.
Fresh flowers for sale at the corner market.
And across the street you can buy grande mocha.
Cops on horseback watching the crowd mingle.
No one distracted by their presence.
No threat posed by any of us.
Caught up in the moment.
Euphoric from bold acceptance of whom we are.
Hip-hop's heard from up above.
Orange signs blocking off traffic.
Dancing in the intersections with one and all.
Tonight's the night for us to shine.
Parade is over and the mood is set.
The Castro is rocking as freedom of expression is visually voiced.
Expression everywhere.
Blending together as a mural of the times.
Not too much left to do or say.
More just taking it day by day.
sometimes-elusive love,
Visible everywhere.
Shameless handholding.
Lovers in love.
Strong male hands interlaced, some leather-clad, some not.
A white arm wrapped around a black waist.
A woman slipping her fingers into her girl's jean pocket.
Love is beautiful, no matter what color, creed or sex.
Love is abundant for us to share with one another
The barriers that used to divide us have been broken down.
It is time now,
To respect the beauty of a blended mural.

By Mara McWilliams

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